Village Of Stewart Manor

Deadline Approaching To Participate in a 9/11 Memorial (Eagle Scout Project) at Village Hall

February 09, 2018
Table Of Contents:

Information regarding a 9/11 Memorial (Eagle Scout Project) at Village Hall and upcoming Budget Work Sessions



Dear Residents,


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the many residents who have already supported my Eagle Scout project by ordering custom memorial pavers. I'd also like to invite residents who would still like to participate. You are welcome to dedicate your paver to a specific 9/11 victim, or you can personalize your paver with a more general sentiment, such as: 


Line 1: God Bless

Line 2: America

Line 3: The Smiths


Line 1: We Will

Line 2: Never Forget

Line 3: Smith Family


Line 1: Forever In Our

Line 2: Hearts

Line 3: Smith Family

Attached is a PDF that describes my project in detail, as well as an order form or memorial pavers. There are two ways you may order a paver:

Digital Order Form:

1. Open the attachment

2. Type in all of the necessary information in the RED fields on page 2 of the PDF

3. Save the file 

4. Attach the form to an email and send back to me at

5. PAYMENT: Please indicate in your email if you'd like for me to pick up your check, or you can drop off or mail to:

Steven Giammona

191 Elton Road

Stewart Manor

Printable Order Form:

1. Open the attachment

2. Print out the PDF and handwrite all of the necessary information in the RED fields -- OR -- type all of the necessary information in the RED fields on page 2 and then print out the PDF.

3. PAYMENT: Please drop off or mail your check payable to Troop 134 to the address listed above. If it is more convenient for you, please send an email to and I will arrange to pick up your check. 

The deadline for placing paver orders is April 1, 2018.


Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.

Thank You,

Steven Giammona

Life Scout

Troop 134



The Board of Trustees will hold Budget Work Sessions on Wednesday, February 21st at 2pm, Thursday, March 8th at 7pm, Wednesday, and March 14th at 1pm in the Village Hall.


The Stewart Manor Volunteer Fire Department is actively seeking members for Fire / EMS. If interested, come down to the Firehouse Thursdays at 8:00 PM or Sundays 10:00 AM or call the Firehouse at 516-354-0880. Help provide emergency services to your friends and neighbors.