Village Of Stewart Manor

Stewart Manor Pool

The Village of Stewart Manor operates a pool facility which is located in the rear of the Stewart Manor Country Club, 51 Salisbury Avenue, Stewart Manor.  The entrance is located through the parking lot which is accessible via Elton Road.  The pool operates seasonally, usually from Father's Day Weekend to Labor Day each year. Pool Membership applications are mailed to every resident, and all of the prior year's non-resident pool members, in early May of each year.  Any opportunities for pool employment are listed under the Employment section of this web site.
When does the pool open for the season?
For 2017, the pool will open on Friday, June 16th at 4 p.m.  The last day of the season will be Labor Day.
When will Pool Membership Applications be available?
Membership applications are normally mailed to all Stewart Manor residents, as well as all non-residents who were pool members the previous season, in early May.  They will be available on this web site for Stewart Manor residents.  Any non-residents who were members last year but did not receive their application in the mail must call the Village Hall at 516-354-1800 or email the Village Hall at for a copy of the application as they are not available on line. Any non-resident who was not a pool member last year, must apply via a waiting list application.  See more information below.
How do I sign my child up for Swim Lessons?

The Stewart Manor Pool will be again be offering swimming lessons which will focus on young, beginner swimmers only.  There will be a fee of $20 for the first child on a membership and $10 for each additional child on that membership.  There will be additional sign ups at the pool once it is open. The lessons will be on a first come, first served basis.  There will be two sessions of eight lessons each, with two beginner levels per session.  The lessons will be held Monday to Thursday.  The first session will begin on July 10 and run through July 20. The second session will begin on July 24 and run through August 3.  The lessons will begin at 10 a.m. and will last for 1/2 hour and will alternate between beginners and advanced beginners (for example, beginners at 10 a.m., advanced beginners at 10:30 a.m.). The beginner lessons are for children between the ages of 5 and 7 as of July 1 and advanced beginners are for children older than age 7 through age 9 by July 1. No lessons will be offered to any child who has not reached their fifth birthday by July 1.     Children may only sign up for one session per season, unless additional space in available.


We suggest that  older children or more advanced swimmers join the swim team to perfect their strokes and gain additional practice. (There is an 8 and under group, with the swimmers starting at age 6 and a 13 and over group goes up to and includes 16 year olds).


What ages are permitted to participate in the Swim Team?

Children who can swim and are between that ages of 6 and 16 may participate.  There is and "8 and under group", with swimmers starting at age 6, and a "13 and over group", with swimmers up to and including the age of 16.

I am not a Stewart Manor resident, can I join the pool?

For the fourth year, due to a large swell in memberships over the past few years, and the need to keep a careful eye on pool capacity, the Board of Trustees has established a waiting list for any non-Stewart Manor resident who wishes to join the pool and was not a member during the 2016 season.

These waiting list membership applications are being collected by the Village Hall to be processed in the event that some of last year's non-residents choose to not rejoin the pool as the amount of non-resident memberships are being held at last year's levels. The applications are available at the Village Hall, or by calling 516-354-1800 or on the web site beginning in May.

Beginning the week of June 19th, it will be known if there are new memberships available.  The waiting list applications will be processed via a lottery.  Please note that these memberships will NOT be processed prior to the opening of the pool on June 16th and that you submit this application with that understanding. 

If your application is chosen in the lottery, you will be notified.  At that time, you will have ten days to bring  your payment and the following documents to the Village Hall (not the pool) for processing.  

1. Check or money order for the required amount made payable to the Village of Stewart Manor. (A fee of $20.00 will be imposed for checks returned by your bank).  

2. Birth Certificate copy for each child  

3. A recent utility bill as proof of address.

If we do not receive payment and documentation from  you in ten days, another application will be chosen by lottery and you will forfeit your opportunity to join the pool for  the  2017 season.

Thank you for your interest in our pool.  It is our hope that we will be able to accommodate your request to become a member.

How old must children be to attend the pool by themselves?
Age 12.
What is the phone number for the pool?
The number to the facility is 516-327-0532.  It will only be answered when staff is at the pool, during the pool season and during normal pool hours.
When do I get my pool pass/ is last year's pass valid?
You will have your photo taken and receive a pool pass the first time you visit the pool.  If you have a pool pass from last year, and have rejoined the pool for the current year, last year's pass will be valid. 
Where do I sent my completed pool membership application?
You should mail your application with your payment (checks made out to the "Village of Stewart Manor") to the Village Hall at 120 Covert Avenue, Stewart Manor, NY 11530.  You may also bring your application in person to the Village Hall during regular business hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The Village Hall is located across the street from Key Food, attached to the Firehouse.
What is a Family Guest Pass?
The Family Guest Pass is only sold to Stewart Manor residents, throughout the pool season.  This pass allows a total of up to 8 people to enter the pool on a given day with a Stewart Manor resident.  The resident need not be a pool member to buy this one day pass.  The pass is non-refundable but is good for any one day during the entire 2017 pool season. In 2017, the pass costs $50 per day for up to eight people, and is non-refundable.
What is a Babysitter Pass? What is a Grandchild Pass?

The “Babysitter Weekly Guest Pass” will now be extended to the grandchildren of Stewart Manor and Stewart Manor Fire Department Pool Members.   This weekly pass is sold only to Stewart Manor resident pool members and/or Stewart Manor Fire Department pool members, and is sold only at the Village Hall. 


If used as a Babysitter Pass, it would be issued to the pool member and contain the name of the specific baby sitter (who must be over the age of 16) and the calendar week for which it was valid.  It would only be valid at the pool with photo ID and if the babysitter was accompanying a Stewart Manor resident pool member child(ren) under 12 without the presence of another adult. Anyone not fitting that description would still simply buy a daily guest pass.


If used as a Grandchild Pass, it would name the specific grandchild to whom the pass is issued and the calendar week for which it was valid.  The grandchild would have use of the pool when accompanied by their grandparent, who must be a Stewart Manor resident and pool member. 


 In 2017, the pass costs $15 per person, per week, and is non-refundable.

How can I apply to work at the pool?
Generally, any openings for Lifeguards and Recreation Attendants are posted on the "Employment" section of this website.